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Camp NaNoWriMo - The Pharmacist's Cabinet

In April I wasn’t going to do CampNaNoWriMo. But I suffered from a severe plot-bunny attack. After a first goal of 10.000 words I ended up writing 25.000. Sadly my favourite cabin was full by the time I started.

So for July the amazing Blacklilyf suggested I take up residence in her cabin and set myself a ridiculously low goal. Just in case.

To do that, I had to create a project. I called it ‘The Pharmacist’s Cabinet, because I often compare my brain to one. So many drawers, with all these ideas, and stocked with the Encyclopaedia of Useless information. Ít was a place holder name. The idea grew on me though. So many drawers, so many possibilities.

This morning the first drawer opened and a blue dress came out. Suddenly the road was clear. All the drawers contain items, pictures, stories, memories and what not more. I’m just going to open them and see what comes falling out. Some of these pieces I will probably share here in due time.

Until then… *looks at all the closed drawers* work to be done.

Just a teaser, the opening sequence of ‘A Blue Dress’

“Who on earth buys these dresses?” Dan wondered upon seeing her. The dress was lovely, nothing wrong with that. But the light blue was so wrong for her short reddish hair and her green eyes. It made her look like a ghost.

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