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#AskLinnie 2

Not many questions for this post, so I should be able to wrap this up pretty quickly I think.

Let’s start with an easy one:

@Chris_Mahan: How much of your writing do you share, with whom and is any of it online?
To start with the last, as you can see on this site, there is quite some available for everyone and online. :)

Tante Willemijn, homepage (stories, blogs and other stuff in English) or Linnie.net (Artwork and Dutch stories)

Everything I think is well enough to share with the world I’ll post here eventually. Sometimes it takes some time because I like writing much more than I like editing. I don’t have an editor or beta-readers at the moment, so most of what you read here all springs from my own wonderful brain.

There are things I write I only share with a few friends. But most of my writing ends up in my ‘please delete this within ten minutes after my death’ folder. A.k.a. The Vault. No one but me will ever read it, and believe me, that’s absolutely for the best.

@blacklily_f: Do you have a personality trait people miss, but you wish they woulnd’t?

Nice one! I think most people (especially in Real Life) don’t appreciate how much of a bitch I really am. Everyone thinks I’m all nice and kind and doormatty. I can tell you, I’m not. I’m just someone who doesn’t look to confront, but rather manipulates her way through life. As in: Instead of fighting, I’ll try to create a win-win situation. I really think I should get more credit for that.

@TyranosaurusBex: What’s your favourite chocolate? What’s your favourite band? (I know that’s 2 and they’re both trick questions)

Chocolate…Hmmmmm. What? Oh, I was answering questions. These days I go for the real pure 70% cacao thing. I used to favourite the milk-chocolate with caramel filling. But lately I don’t crave it as much anymore. One or two tiny pieces of the pure thing seem to do the trick. And that from a (former) chocoholic. Yes, I worry about me too.
Music. Well that’s a mean question! How can I choose….Ok dallied enough. Right now, Steven Wilson. His solo thing, and his former bands Porcupine Tree and Blackfield. Since I saw him live last year my world has been upside down. Never knew such music existed. So I’m doing a lot of discovering in the Prog scene at the moment. (King Crimson, Alan Parson, Marillion)

I have a very eclectic taste though. Big fan of Leonard Cohen and Simple Minds as well. Neil Young, Christian Kane, Astrud Gilberto, Stacey Kent. It really goes on and on…. My current playlist is about 20.000 songs long, So you get the point.

Well, this was fun. I’m going to have a cup of coffee and some chocolate now. Thank you for playing. XOX

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