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The Perfect Date

“We should get going, or we’ll be late for dinner.” She rushed him.


“Yes. I promised you a date, didn’t I?”

“You did. How fancy do I need to be?”

“Whatever you’re comfortable in.”

She was wearing a light summer’s dress with a cardigan. The nights were getting a bit chilly. He wore his jeans and a black T-shirt. One of his favourites. “Is this ok?” He was a bit insecure.

“Fine.” She kissed him. This is how she preferred seeing him. All himself. She’d never seen him in a suit. However doubted if it would do him justice.

They made their way to the hall. “Ma’am, sir, if you’d follow me.” They were led through the corridors. Lynn felt Daniel tense up. For the Michelin registered restaurant he was severely underdressed. They turned before they got there. Walking through a somewhat smaller corridor, ending in an elevator.

“This is the private part of the castle. The owner made an exception for the two of you.” The man who led them explained.

On the top floor they got out again, and after a narrow set of stairs ended up on top of one of the towers.

Daniel couldn’t help but smile widely at seeing it all. Flowers, a beautifully laid dinner table. Candlelight. Soft music playing. Mozart, he recognized it. A passion of both of them.

Her dress, her entire appearance fit in so well. The flowers on the dress matched that of the setting. Her hair, longer than he’d ever seen it, perfectly framed her face. Her beautiful face.

He stepped forward and held out her chair. She sat down, he followed. “The lady has requested that the chef make the menu and choice of wines. I trust you will not be disappointed.” The waiter explained.

“I’m sure we will not be.” Daniel was still speechless. He stared at Lynn. “Well, I owed you a date. And since you had already thrown the best musical ones, I’d had to think of something original.”

The waiter poured the wine. “First course will be served in twenty minutes.” He handed Daniel a tablet. “For your music choice, sir. We did leave room to dance.” After that he disappeared through the door they had come through.

“May I ask you to dance?”

“Yes, you may. I have to warn you though, this was not part of my plan.” Her warmth touched him deeply. “I’m not that good a dancer. And this body, it’s a new one, I don’t quite know how to handle it yet.”

“I’m sure we’ll be fine.” He got up, took her hand. “If you’ll let me lead.”

“I had not taken you for a dancer.”

“I had a proper English upbringing. Of course I dance. Besides, my first girlfriend was a ball room dancer.”

Lynn threw her head back in a laugh. Daniel had to keep himself from kissing her exposed neck. She was so sexy.

“How can I ever compete with all those incredibly beautiful women?” “You can’t. Because they can never come anywhere near you. You’re the most beautiful and most real of them all. I think I’ll keep you.” Before she could answer, he pulled her into a turn. She followed flawless. She loved how her body responded to his.

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