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Torchwood/Leverage cross-over

“Eliot, wait.” Hardison yelled through the coms.

“No man, I’m losing in as it is.”

“I got some very funky readings on this end. You know what you’re doing?”

“Yes, I am.”

Eliot followed the man into the parking garage. Pissed that he actually was getting further behind. He was in physical top-condition. This should not happen to him.

The man in the distance turned a corner and suddenly Eliot could hear the clicks of guns being cocked.

He ran on until he approached the corner. There he halted and stood with his back to the wall. Trying with his senses to assess the situation.

He could hear at least five people.

Suddenly a gunshot.

Eliot flung himself around the corner and walked in to one of the most bizarre situations he’d ever found himself in.

Five people were standing around the man he had been chasing. Although Eliot now saw that the man was deformed.

The tallest of the five, a man wearing a long coat that seemed from some military descend, turned to Eliot.

“Do you have a gun?”

Eliot was a little taken a back by this question from a perfect stranger.

“No, I don’t like guns.”

The man smiled and looked Eliot up and down, stalling a bit on the arms. “That’s just too bad.”

“Hey!” The other man who stood there, gun at the ready, yelled. “You better stand back then. We don’t know what it’s capable off.”

He fired another shot with, what Eliot saw, was a tranquilizer gun.

The man on the ground seemed out now. Carefully the tall man stepped towards it and gave it a nudge with his foot. Then bent down and checked more closely.

“It’s out. Get it in the van and let’s get out of here.” His voice was now booming. Ordering everyone around.

“Hey, man, what’s going on here?”

The tall man turned around to face Eliot.

“Captain Jack Harkness.” He introduced himself.

A bit reluctant Eliot raised his hand.

“Why don’t you let me buy you a drink, I’ll explain all about it.”

“Why don’t you just explain to me why you just shot a man with a tranquilizer gun and put it in the back of a van?”

“I never talk business in parking garages.” Jack claimed.

“Well that’s too bad, because I don’t do drinks.”

Jack had to think it over for a few seconds. No drinks meant no retconning.

“What were you doing, chasing this thing around?”


“Yeah, this was not a human being. Did you not wonder that you could not keep up with it, despite you excellent physique?” As usual Jack didn’t feel the need to hide his interest in other people.

“Oy! Loverboys, mind if we get this thing to…the base, before it wakes up?” It was the woman with the short dark hair. She sounded like a local.

“Only in fucking Cardiff.” Eliot said exasperated.

He hadn’t seen the use in coming over here at all. They could have done all they needed to digitally. But Sophie had pushed them. Of course she’d want to revisit her British roots when the opportunity had presented itself.

“Want to see some amazing stuff?” Jack offered.

“Eliot, what’s going on?” Nate sounded over the coms. He had asked that question for several times now.

The chase had been unrelated to their case. Eliot had seen something, that corner of your eye stuff. And without conveying with the team had started the chase. Just following his gut instinct.

“I’m going to have to decline that honour.” Eliot said with a bit of a snarl.

“Oh, come on, don’t you trust me?”

“I don’t know you. Now tell me what the hell’s going on here.”

“Sorry dude, can’t. You’d do best just to forget what you saw here.” Jack gave it up as a lost cause. Eliot had not seen enough to get them into trouble.

Jack turned around, his long coat swishing around his legs, and got into the car.

“Let’s go.” He yelled, before he closed the door. And they were off leaving a dishevelled Eliot behind.

“Hardison, licence plates. I want backgrounds on these guys, I don’t know what they’re up to, and what organisation they’re from, but it’s hinky.”

“Eliot, they’ve got nothing to do with us. Just let it go.” Nate ordered. “We’re wrapping things up here as we speak, we’ll be on the plane tomorrow morning.”

Eliot navigated his way back to where the rest of the crew was. They retired back to the hotel.

“Eliot, I’ve done a back ground check on those plates. Those guys are weird man.”

He pulled up everything on the improvised screen.

“Torchwood. They call themselves Special Ops but are not linked to any public service, no police force, no military base, nothing.

Their leader.” A handsome man in a long dark coat appeared on the screen. “Calls himself Captain Jack Harkness. What exactly he is captain of…? I can’t find this dude anywhere. No records nothing. Just appeared. And other than that I can’t find anything. Every time the computer seems to lock onto something, it’s gone the next second.”

Nate sounded amused. “You’re not going to tell me someone outsmarted your software.”

“That’s not it. It’s just like there’s a web crawler that erases stuff real time.”

“You can fix that, right?”

“If I could lock onto it, I might. But I can’t even find out what it is, man.” Hardison sounded so frustrated. It was a first for him that he couldn’t hack something, or even find out what or why he couldn’t.

Sophie sat there, watching them in admiration. “Torchwood, you say?”

“You know anything about them?”

“Well, I heard rumours. I might try calling one of my contacts to find out more.”

“Guys, why are we doing this?” Nate pulled them back.

“They shot a guy with a tranquilizer gun, twice! And then they put him in the back of a van and transported him off. Who does that that has good intentions?”

“It’s not our business.”

“And he came on to me. I hate guys that do that.”

Parker giggle snorted. “Eliot and Jack, sitting in a tree.”

“Shut up, it’s not funny.”

Hardison laughed with Parker, so did Sophie.

“To be honest, it kind of is…” Nate told him, trying to keep himself from laughing as well.

He assessed his team. They were not going to let go of this.

“Ok, Sophie, call your contact. Hardison, book us on another flight. And now let’s get some sleep, it’s late.” With that everyone scattered around. Eliot had his own hotel room. Sophie and Nate usually shared, Hardison had a habit of crashing on the couch and where Parker slept always remained a mystery.

“Jack.” Ianto called the attention of his boss. “You may want to look at this.

Jack got up from his desk and walked over. With his hand on Ianto’s shoulder he looked at the screen.

“Ah, it’s our friend from last night. And he brought his companions.” Jack sounded amused.

The five were standing on the street looking around. It had to be here somewhere.

“You’re not surprised?”

“Not at all. He didn’t seem like the type to let go.” He squeezed Ianto’s shoulder. “And I got this call last night…ah well, never mind. Shall we go and welcome them?”

“Use the lift?” Ianto asked.

“Let’s do that.”

As the Leverage team had done their investigation, so had Jack. He knew much better what he was up against than they were. Toshiko had made sure their web crawler had only given the news they had wanted the other team to know. That they were a research facility.

“Howdy neighbours.”

Parker jumped nearly a meter into the air when she suddenly found Jack beside her. And beside him another man.

She flung herself to Hardison, who protectively wrapped his arms around.

“What the hell do you mean by scaring her like that? And where the hell did you just come from?”

Neither of them had seen the men walk up to them, despite being in the middle of the street.

“I’m sorry if I have startled you. I’m Captain Jack Harkness, call me Jack. This is Ianto Jones.”

“Ianto? That’s funny.” It was Parker who had composed herself again.

Everyone stared at her, trying to think of why that would be funny.

“You must be the Leverage team. Sophie, I presume.” He took Sophie’s hand and kissed it. “Nate Ford, it’s a pleasure. Young man Hardison, Parker. And of course we got to meet you last night. Eliot Spencer. You know you’re famous?”

Eliot grunted.

“And you are?” Nate decided to take the lead.

“We’re part of the Torchwood team. Eliot ran into us yesterday when we apprehended someone who had managed to escape our facility.”

“What is Torchwood?”

“We do research. All kinds of things, actually.” Jack tried to keep it as vague as possible.

“Why don’t you follow us, I’ll show you.” Jack heard Ianto gasp beside him. Jack just invited a team of five of the most renowned crooks into their facility?

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