September 29th, 2019

Answers (for Snowflake's Challenge #12)


With a stomach tight enough to feel like puking, Kayla stepped out of the taxi. It had been a long journey. Two flights, the overnight train. What had been the rush? Was she scared of being late again? She had been looking for answers for so incredibly long.
She looked up to the building, trying to decide if she should ask the taxi driver to wait for her. She decided against it. The main road was just around the corner, getting a taxi or a bus wouldn’t be too hard there.
Seeing the shabby looking building in front of her, Kayla double-checked the address on her phone. Was this some kind of joke?

She climbed the steps and decidedly knocked.
The woman opening the door did not seem surprised at Kayla being there.
“The apartment upstairs.” She merely said, handing Kayla a key.
Heart beating heavily Kayla climbed the rickety red stairs, scared they’d cave under her weight. The bush beside it didn’t seem a comfortable landing zone.
“Answers.” She thought. “Finally, after all this time, answers.”
Her hand trembled when inserting and turning the key. A wave of sick washed over her when she opened the door and stepped in. She stood in a large room. Or maybe it’s emptiness made it appear huge. The walls, ceiling, and even the floor were crisp white, hurting her eyes.

She bent over to pick up the note that was waiting for her in the middle of the white room.
Had she finally found it? She turned it over and read the one single word written on it. “Answers.”

Story inspired by this picture on @BunnyDarkness' blog.