November 30th, 2017

L'Heure Bleue/Inappropriate aka NaNoWriMo 2017

My first NaNoWriMo story came out quite as I expected. The second didn't even keep the names I gave my characters. Let alone a few details it went off the map completely. And it still worked. The new set up!


L'Heure Bleue (aka Present Day)

Abigail Ingram reluctantly ran the mansion her parents left her. She simply couldn't sell it when it was the only home her brother knew and could come home to. These days the estate was used as a wedding venue or other events. Although she loved seeing all those dressed up people pass by, she tried to keep as far away from it herself as she could.

Brian Milbourne had picked up his life again. Following the passing of his wife, he'd had a serious breakdown resulting in losing both of his restaurants. He decided to take his win and become a wedding caterer. After all, there was a market for renown chefs and gourmet meals on location. When he entered the venue he'd be cooking his first major event he wasn't just blown away by the kitchen facilities.

Inappropriate (aka Back Then)

Again Lord Iain Dashwood found himself having to fire a valet for stealing. Good staff was just so hard to get these days. As a single man of large fortune, he needed a household staff he could blindly rely on. Especially if it came to someone who spent so much time so close to him.
He had not expected to find a replacement so soon. And even less, that he found it in the person of the widow Jane Eliott. Fired by Lord Dashwood's sister for not putting up with her violent temper.

Jane Eliott had never been scared of hard work. Raised close to her four brothers, she'd learned to fight, to hunt, and to take care of herself. Despite her low position in life, she'd counted herself blessed to have been able to marry for love.
After the love of her life had passed away, she was dead set on making her own way in life. Despite her tough nature, that proved a lot less simple than she'd hoped for.


“I’m as British as the rainfall.” She admitted. “Not a fair-weather girl, to be honest.”
“Woman.” He said.
Confused she looked at him.
“You’re not a girl. You’re a woman.”
She opened her mouth to retaliate, but words wouldn’t come.
She stared at him for a few seconds. Dammit, he looked hot.
“Lunch was fantastic. My mother and I are very grateful. Thank you so much.”
“You’re welcome. Two coverts shouldn’t be missed. Oh,” He pushed himself off of the counter. “There’s still dessert.”
“You really shouldn’t spoil us.”
“You’re kidding, right?
Of course I should spoil you. Just consider it buttering up for a business proposition later.”
She laughed as she followed him to the freezer.
“My mother will be very disappointed it’s just for business.”
“I gathered.”
“I’m very sorry about that.”


Iain came back in to find Jane had a baby in her arms as the woman of the house was at the stove.
“Milord.” Jane jumped up, kept the baby close to her chest. It didn’t look odd at all.
“Mrs Allan, I trust you are well?” Iain asked somewhat formally.
The lady gave a deep curtsy. “Very well, Milord. Can I offer you some tea perhaps?”
Normally she wouldn’t have thought of speaking to her Lord that way, but it seemed Jane made things a lot easier.
“Maybe next time, my dear. We have so much more to do. Jane, you can’t keep the baby. Mrs Martin would have a heart attack.”
Mrs Allan looked somewhat confused from Iain to Jane.
“Don’t worry, he’s just joking,” Jane said as she gave the baby back to its mother. She couldn’t quite place Iain’s look. Had she done something wrong?