June 12th, 2012

I'm fat. You're what? FAT!

Posted this somewhere else and thought I'd share it with all of you too.

Here's a surprise:

I’m fat. I was a fat kid, a fat teen and I’ve grown into a fat woman. Society has developed rules to deal with fat people. We need to work harder, be nicer and take any comment, good or bad, with equal grace and style. We must always look our best and wear the right clothes. (God forbid someone ever catches you in a tracksuit outside the gym) When we are ever caught out of breath, it’s because we’re fat. We are not allowed to stand out in any other way. (We are fat and need to apologise for that at all times) And most of all, we can not eat in public.
Yeah right. For years I lived by these rules. If you want to call that living.
Until I had my wake up call. I started buying pretty bright yellow, pink and purple clothes. I started singing, solo! I act like a clown or a kid when out and about. If anyone tries to degrade me because I’m fat, I have a humoristic reply at the ready. And you can bet your ass it’s sharp.
I dance and sing in the street if I feel like it. I eat ice cream and burgers if I want to. And when I see a sour face with mouth half opened to say something I just throw them my biggest smile.
Want to bring me down? Try me.
Want me to conform? Watch me!
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