tantewillemijn (tantewillemijn) wrote,

Playing With Words

Most of you know English is not my native language. Even though I speak and write it quite fluently (if I do say so myself)
Tonight I was just a little bored and was toying with words. Don't expect deep poetry...just playing with sounds and meanings a bit.


Sharp as a knife

Cold as ice

Words keep on falling

Paying a price


Cool as crystal

High as a kite

What does it al mean

What is it tonight


Words of love

And words of goodbye

Are falling out of my mouth

I cannot deny


But one touch of your hand

One smile on your face

Would make everything better

Put it all in it’s place


In the deepest of dark

Or in the lightest of light

I don’t know what it means

What it means tonight


In a far away place

Or right by your side

Is this love

Or plain foolish pride


Only one touch of your hand

That sweet look in your eye

Just one more word

And I’ll say goodbye


Because it could be you

It could easily be

But it’s not you I’m hiding from

I’m hiding from me

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