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[sticky post]Welcome
How nice of you to drop in. Welcome to the place where I post my stories.
There are quite a few now.

Most recent projects

NEW!!! *** Halloween Romance***
in four parts.

Another mini-blog about living as a Fat Person: How suggesting weight loss for health reasons feels to me.

Blogpost: Why fat acceptance is not choosing the easy way out.

Full novellas:

Christmas Escape: Christmas themed story


12 Stories For Christmas: 1 story a month writing project


Torchwood: Fan-fic

Annabelle: 'historic' novella


Back-kicks and strings

Home: LJ friends only, sorry (read any of my other stuff and curious, let me know)

These multiple part stories are posted in reverse order, so to get to the next part you have to click < (previous), or use the links in the intros.

Non-fiction blog post:

#AskLinnie 2


CNA in DIstress

I'm fat. You're what? FAT!

My Happy Mid-Winter Musings

My Muse a.k.a. Why I write what I write

Shorts, snippets and other wordwizardry:

From The Pharmacist's Cabinet (explanation here)
A Set of Keys, a short romance.
Traintickets, a quirky little thing.
A Green Beach Shovel, something completely different (and a bit sad)
More maybe yet to come. Not sure yet. Depends on how these stories are received.

Halloween short story Secrets

Daily 100: 100+ word a day flashes Week 1

Start of Something Beautiful Snippet from an older story

The Perfect Date: Snippet from an older story.

Rain: Snippet from a story

State Of Denial: Me, messing with words

Torchwood/Leverage crossover: Fan-fic snippet

Writer's block: Poetry break: Poem (not by me)

Playing with words: Me, messing with words

A go at poetry: Me, messing with words

A little bit about me

I'm a 43yr old nurse. Besides my job I spend my time writing, singing, playing bass guitar and sometimes painting.
I'm from the Netherlands, where I live with my partner, and two cats, Miep and Wilson.

I've been writing since I can't remember. Never felt the need to share it until only a few years ago. I got involved in Twitter and other social media.
The friends I made there convinced me to start writing in English. So that's what I've been doing since. And I've been more productive than ever.
I love sharing these stories with you, and I hope there will be many many more. In general I write contemporary romance. Other projects are accompanied by an explanation.
If you've read one (or more) of them, feel free to comment.

Thanks for coming by. Hope to see you again soon.
Love Linnie

Halloween 2018 Part 1
halloween pumpkin

It wasn’t a dark and stormy night. The wind wasn’t howling through the trees. None of all the spooky stuff.
There was a bright moon lighting the path though. It was late October, and it had been a lovely day. Bethany had spent most of her day in the garden, getting it ready for winter.
She’d swept the leaves together and put the wood she could use for her fire in the woodshed. She loved the Fall. Especially these crisp, almost summery days. Everything slowed down. Soon it would be Halloween. Summer’s last spat, taking them from the light, into the darkness.
Holidays didn’t mean much to her since she lived alone. For the kids venturing that far out of town, she tried to make a feast of it. Lanterns on the path to the door. A few pumpkins, carving them was on the program for the weekend. The odd broom parked here and there. The spiders generally took care of themselves. And, of course, the best candy. Her mother had always made a big deal out of the night. Costumes, candy, nothing was too much trouble.

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Halloween 2018 Part 2

Eric had a different day. Last night, after his sister had picked him up from Bethany’s house, she’d given him an earful about his kind host. “She’s trouble, Eric. How could you even…? I mean…”
“Why? She was perfectly nice. What has she done?”
“There are stories. You’d better not take any chances.”
The stories were about rituals, gatherings up at the house. Even people going missing. There was no evidence to sustain it, but people talked. “Clearly it’s haunted. I know someone who dated her, and he told me he always felt watched when he was at her house. And she won’t move out.”
“Why would she, it’s her home?” He remembered the draft, and the lock of hair waving up. These were hysteric times though. People wanted to believe anything supernatural and evil. Even if the place was haunted, he didn’t think it would be malicious. He’d been at places that housed dark energies. The last hotel he’d worked at being one of them. Her house wasn’t anything like it. He had felt most welcome.
For his sister’s peace of mind though, he refrained from contradicting. He should count himself lucky that she would pick him up and take him in. There it was again. Luck.

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Halloween 2018 Part 3

The pathway looked truly gorgeous, Bethany thought to herself. The pumpkins were in place with the lanterns inside to emit their eerie orange light. The brooms were stacked beside the house. A string of lights hung on the fence and near the door. Needing to get her mind off of things and to wear her body out, she’d outdone herself.
She’d not properly slept since she more or less kicked Eric out of the house. He had scared the crap out of her, and nothing good could come of it.
Yet the card he’d given her started showing creases of being held and stared at. The kitchen didn’t feel the same safe place it had always been. Even the draft that had been there seemed to have disappeared as if it held its breath. If the weather had turned, it would have felt appropriate to Bethany, but it hadn’t. A few showers here and there, but no substantial Fall weather to speak of.
It was going to be perfect Halloween weather. Chilly, dry, with a few clouds passing by the moon.
Bethany had made another trip to her sister’s, and Emily had wondered what was wrong with her sister.
“Maybe I should sell the house after all.”

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Halloween 2018 Part 4

Happily, Bethany watched him drive off into the night, ran back to her house, and slammed the door shut behind her. “Guys, let’s not mess this up, okay?” She said to the house at large.
Seeing him stand at her door had startled her. It had also told her she could avoid fate all she wanted, but it was always going to catch up with her. Singing along to the radio she packed up the candy for distributing the next day. Three baskets at the ready. She could refill in between, she hoped. She expected a big turn out the next night.
When she finally crawled into bed, she didn’t get more than a few minutes to dwell on her new found happiness. She fell asleep almost immediately.
Dreams were plentiful. Bethany’s dreams were never sedated. Nightmares were a usual occurrence for her, especially if she’d been amongst people. Although there were a few messy dreams, most were pretty good.

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How suggesting weight loss for health reasons feels to me
When meeting a health care professional, future employer, or you know, strangers on the street, I as a fat person, run the risk of being subjected to ‘The Speech’.
As most fat people are aware, ‘The Speech’ is a lecture about being fat, bad life choices, and please fix it as soon as possible, so we, the public, by all means, can ignore you like we do everyone else. My fat is a source of criticism, ridicule, and health trolling.

During ‘The Speech’ suggestions on how to fix it will be made. From stopping eating full stop to the newest rage, bariatric surgery. Everyone knows someone who’s had one and is over the moon about it. Good on them, but not my path.

Here’s how you sound to me:
“Did you know that people with red hair are more susceptible to getting a sunburn? This increases the risk of skin cancer. So what all people with red hair should do, to avoid this, is dye their hair.”
That’s why I look at you with that dissociated gaze. That’s what I hear.

Seriously, would you tell a redhead to dye their hair to avoid skin cancer? No?
Then don’t tell a fat person to lose weight for health reasons. We know the drill. We’ve heard ‘The Speech’ a thousand times.
And frankly, you’re making the matter worse sooner than helping. Your advice won’t mean that we will consider another diet/surgery, but is far more likely to cause that we will avoid you.
Which in the end means we can’t leave our house. Because you are not alone with your annoying, nagging, broken record of the ‘but your health’ message. Which by the way is not scientifically supported. (And no, ‘but everyone knows that’ is not scientific. It’s cognitive dissonance!)

We’ll avoid going to a doctor. Avoid going to a gym, or do other things that might be beneficial to our health and well being, just to not run into you.
I’m sure this will achieve your goal of not seeing fat people around, so you can safely go out and pretend you either helped us, or we don’t exist anymore.
But how is ‘The Speech’ helping me?

Why fat acceptance is not choosing the easy way out
I was a nine-year-old kid. And I was fat. At least, I was told I was. I was taller and wider than kids my age. Still, when I look back at those pictures, it doesn’t look nearly as dramatic as the memory tells me. Anyway, according to the people around me (I don’t quite remember who decided it), it was getting out of hand, and an intervention was needed.

Cue my first visit to a dietician. This was someone old-school. What do you eat? Okay, now you shall eat only half of that. My first proper, horrible, diet experience began. I clearly remember the hunger, especially in school in the afternoons. Or when it got to dinner time. I learned to appreciate the hunger in the following years. Because the hunger meant that I was in control.

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L'Heure Bleue/Inappropriate aka NaNoWriMo 2017
My first NaNoWriMo story came out quite as I expected. The second didn't even keep the names I gave my characters. Let alone a few details it went off the map completely. And it still worked. The new set up!


L'Heure Bleue (aka Present Day)

Abigail Ingram reluctantly ran the mansion her parents left her. She simply couldn't sell it when it was the only home her brother knew and could come home to. These days the estate was used as a wedding venue or other events. Although she loved seeing all those dressed up people pass by, she tried to keep as far away from it herself as she could.

Brian Milbourne had picked up his life again. Following the passing of his wife, he'd had a serious breakdown resulting in losing both of his restaurants. He decided to take his win and become a wedding caterer. After all, there was a market for renown chefs and gourmet meals on location. When he entered the venue he'd be cooking his first major event he wasn't just blown away by the kitchen facilities.

Inappropriate (aka Back Then)

Again Lord Iain Dashwood found himself having to fire a valet for stealing. Good staff was just so hard to get these days. As a single man of large fortune, he needed a household staff he could blindly rely on. Especially if it came to someone who spent so much time so close to him.
He had not expected to find a replacement so soon. And even less, that he found it in the person of the widow Jane Eliott. Fired by Lord Dashwood's sister for not putting up with her violent temper.

Jane Eliott had never been scared of hard work. Raised close to her four brothers, she'd learned to fight, to hunt, and to take care of herself. Despite her low position in life, she'd counted herself blessed to have been able to marry for love.
After the love of her life had passed away, she was dead set on making her own way in life. Despite her tough nature, that proved a lot less simple than she'd hoped for.


“I’m as British as the rainfall.” She admitted. “Not a fair-weather girl, to be honest.”
“Woman.” He said.
Confused she looked at him.
“You’re not a girl. You’re a woman.”
She opened her mouth to retaliate, but words wouldn’t come.
She stared at him for a few seconds. Dammit, he looked hot.
“Lunch was fantastic. My mother and I are very grateful. Thank you so much.”
“You’re welcome. Two coverts shouldn’t be missed. Oh,” He pushed himself off of the counter. “There’s still dessert.”
“You really shouldn’t spoil us.”
“You’re kidding, right?
Of course I should spoil you. Just consider it buttering up for a business proposition later.”
She laughed as she followed him to the freezer.
“My mother will be very disappointed it’s just for business.”
“I gathered.”
“I’m very sorry about that.”


Iain came back in to find Jane had a baby in her arms as the woman of the house was at the stove.
“Milord.” Jane jumped up, kept the baby close to her chest. It didn’t look odd at all.
“Mrs Allan, I trust you are well?” Iain asked somewhat formally.
The lady gave a deep curtsy. “Very well, Milord. Can I offer you some tea perhaps?”
Normally she wouldn’t have thought of speaking to her Lord that way, but it seemed Jane made things a lot easier.
“Maybe next time, my dear. We have so much more to do. Jane, you can’t keep the baby. Mrs Martin would have a heart attack.”
Mrs Allan looked somewhat confused from Iain to Jane.
“Don’t worry, he’s just joking,” Jane said as she gave the baby back to its mother. She couldn’t quite place Iain’s look. Had she done something wrong?

You ask, we answer.
My answers to Alex' blog post questions.
(https://alexmi84.wordpress.com/2016/08/13/sunshine-blogger-questions/ )

1. Beach or mountains
I like the beach, but not on hot, sunny days. Just in the fall, when it's quiet and the water bashes the sand. Mountains? I live in an extremely flat country. The first time I saw mountains, I stood in awe. I couldn't comprehend the mass of it. I still have this romantic notion of mountains and mountain homes and cabins. I don't drive though, and the climb would kill me. So it's beach, I guess.

2. Party animal or isolation devotee
Isolation devotee. I need a lot of time to myself. Although I tremendously enjoy going to concerts, I need at least a day of recovery time after them. Parties are even worse because it requires interaction. I do like family gatherings though.

3. Thoughts on the state of humanity
I know things look pretty bad right now. And they are. I think, however, that if we can get through this, without a nuclear war, things won't be so bad. There's a new generation coming, and it's very easy and tempting to bash them. But they have qualities and skills we can only dream of. They will do things in their own way, as each generation has before them. Have a little faith in them.

4. Favourite drink
Coffee, tea, coke, rum&coke. Since I have a very strong reaction to caffeine, and I can't bloody well be drunk all day (however good it sometimes appears) I drink mostly tea though.

5. What do you look for in a novel?
It has to be about the characters and the story. I have no need for fancy settings, distracting artefacts, or over the top action. I want a good story about people that start at point A, and through the entire alphabet end at B.  Has to be about people.

6. What do I look for in a person?
Opposite sex (or same sex) I tend to fall for the energy people have around them. Good sense of humour, passionate about something, and yet caring, and compassionate.

7. Music or silence?
Music, always music. Favourite artists currently: Steven Wilson, Lonely Robot, Kim Seviour, Marillion, but certainly not limited to those. From Mozart to Iron Maiden... (even some country on occasion)

8. Hotel or Motel (or Holiday Inn?)
Hotel, I like being spoiled. Besides, motels aren't really a thing here.

9. Are you funny?
Yes, dammit! Stop doubting yourself.

My questions (if so inclined, please explain your choices):
1. What are is dream holiday destination?
2. What is your to-go-to song, artist, band when you feel down?
3. If there's a profession you could try for a week, what would it be?
4. I want to be known for....
5. Favourite vegetable or fruit?
6. What's your pet-peeve?
7. Pineapple on pizza, yes or no?
8. What's your favourite type of weather?
9. Which type of weather do you hate most?

I don't do the tagging thing, but feel free to answer.

For DM Newlun. I may not have all the answers....
1 2nd Favourite Dinosaur

2 Allergies
Nickel, pollen, don’t respond well to gluten, and get allergic reaction to too much (like after ten minutes) of direct sunlight.  (I’m a nerd, sue me)

3 Belly Button
Inny, deep, deep inny.

4 Do you believe in ghosts?
Yes and no. I think there’s definitely energy floating around. I’ve even encountered some. I don’t believe they’re the entire person you think they are. Just a particle your brain recognises. I don’t believe in ego in the hereafter.

6 Dice?
Dice? As in cucumber dices or gambling dices? Yes to the first. No to the second.

7 Dream job
I’m a nurse and I think part of me will always be a nurse. But I also see me writing and maybe organise writer’s retreats in some amazing location.

8 Favourite appliance

9 Favourite boardgame
Knowledge over strategy. Trivial Pursuit.

10 Favourite book
Jane Eyre – Charlotte Brönte. With honourable mention: Holy Fools – Joanne Harris, and The Commitments – Roddy Doyle. Not much for series, but I loved the Harry Potter books. And The Commitments is part of a series (the Barrytown Trilogy) as well.

11 Favourite book hero
Juliette – Holy Fools.

12 Favourite villain
Deco – The Commitments. (most books I read don’t have a clear villain, this comes closest)

13 Favourite candy
Chocolate or soft&sweet liquorice.

14 Favourite cheese
Gouda, preferably young. Also like goat’s cheese. And Brie. And matured… I like cheese. A lot.

15 Favourite cleaning product

16 Favourite Cornetto Trilogy Movie
Hot Fuzz I think.

17 Favourite cuss word
I like shite a lot. Also fuck, shit, crap. And at the moment, for some strange, unbeknownst to me reason, drat!

18 Favourite doctor
It’s a tie between Nine and Ten. (and Dr Wayne Fiscus)

19 Favourite dwarf
The Red one.

20 Favourite film
Harisson Bergeron, Dogma.

21 Favourite film hero
Mary Poppins

22 Favourite film villain
Lady Catherine The Bourgh

23 Favourite food smell
Coffee. (Coffee is food, right?)

24 Favourite ice cream flavour
Either coffee or liquorice.

25 Favourite junkfood

26 Favourite non-food smell

27 Favourite RPG
Real life is enough for me, thank you.

28 Favourite TV show
Of all time: MASH. With Leverage, and Torchwood as runners up. Or currently The Librarians. Don’t watch much TV other than that.

29 Favourite TV hero
Eliott Spencer

30 Favourite TV villain

31 Favourite voice actor
Alan Rickman

32 Fuck, marry, kill (twitter)
Most people at any given time.

33 Go-to-karaoke song

34 “Hello…”
That’s it. In true Captain Jack Harnass style: Hello.

35 How do you like your marshmallows
Chocolate covered.

36 How many nipples
Ugh nipples. Don’t talk to me about nipples.

37 Phobias
Spiders and other creepy crawlers. Sometimes a little bout of claustrophobia (only when tired), small talk and meaningless human interaction.

38 Song you used to love but now hate
Time in a bottle

39 Spice

40 Star Trek or Star Wars
Don’t care much about either, but when pressed for an answer I’d go for Star Trek. I love the humanity in stories, not the CGI.

41 Super Power!
Mine? I’m empathic to fault.

42 Tea or coffee: brand
Coffee, not really into brands, as long as they can provide me with a good cappuccino.
Tea, Shoti Maa and my favourite flavour of theirs is Liquorice Lavender. Sounds yuck, but is really lovely. Always goes with me when I travel.

43 Twitter crush
Some things best remain private.