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A little bit about me

I'm a 40yr old night-nurse. I love my job and because I only work every other week, I've a lot of time on my hands. I usually spend that writing, singing, playing bass guitar and sometimes painting.
I'm from the Netherlands, where I live with my partner, two cats, Miep and Wilson, and a bird named Mick.

I've been writing since I can't remember. Never felt the need to share it until only a few years ago. After publishing three stories in Dutch on my own site, I got involved in Twitter and other social media.
The friends I made there convinced me to start writing in English. So that's what I've been doing since. And I've been more productive than ever.
I love sharing these stories with you, and I hope there will be many many more.
If you've read one (or more) of them, feel free to comment.

Thanks for coming by. Hope to see you again soon.
Love Linnie

Please Stay intro
Yay, finally managed to get my NaNoWriMo story publish ready. For the next part click [previous]. I posted them that way so part 1 would show up first. Or just follow the links from this intro. Have fun. Let me know what you think of it.
Here it goes:

Please Stay

Two very different people. One trying to get the most out of life and one trying very hard to hide away from it. They've both given up on the idea of finding that special someone to share their lives with.

Dan is a successful musician. Women a-plenty. Although he's no longer in his thirties, he has a hard time settling down. Because he's away so often he leaves his home in the very capable hands of his housekeeper. But finding a good one proves just as hard as finding a kindred spirit.

It's difficult for Ella to hang on to jobs for very long. She loses interest soon and has a habit of getting into trouble with her employers. As a last resort the housekeeping-agency places her in Daniel's house. He's already managed to chase off four formidable housekeepers. It's a last chance for both of them.

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Please Stay 01

A bit weary Ella looked at the dark sky above. This was not good. She didn’t want to turn up on the doorstep of her new employer soaking wet.

To beat the rain she pedalled her bike a little faster. Meanwhile she checked street names until she came upon the one she had to be at. It was a wide lane. There was hardly any traffic at all. Rather odd if you knew that this was the time children were supposed to go to school and people off to work. Nearly 8 am on Monday morning.

The long hedge hid the most of the fancy houses beyond. Of course it was bound to be a pretty big house. They didn’t want a housekeeper for 5 days a week for nothing. The agency hadn’t told her anything about the family. They hadn’t called until last night.

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Please Stay 02

He heard her laugh through the hallway as she walked off.

Ella gave herself a thorough tour of the house. As she’d already seen in the hall way and the kitchen it was decorated quite traditionally. Despite the very modern features. The materials used in the house were all of the very best quality. Daniel had to be pretty good at his job. She’d google him later.

On the ground floor she found a handsome living room. It had a view to the garden at one side and of the drive way on the other. It was funny to see that the TV was not the centre of the room, but a giant fireplace was. Wood was stacked up to the side and Ella could see it was in regular use. A guitar lay haphazardly on the couch, as if Daniel left it there to go do something and then completely forgot about it.

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Please Stay 03

“Lunch is ready in the dining room.” She had walked up to the studio. She’d only had a quick gaze in the room when she went home the other day as supposed it was out of bounds. Daniel’s face lit up when she walked in. Apparently work wasn’t easy that day. She quickly learned to distinguish his various moods of work-satisfaction. This one she called ‘get me the hell out of here’.

“Mike, can I introduce you to Ella. Ella is my…” He wasn’t sure what to call her. Again it had been such a sensitive area with the others.

“I’m the housekeeper, pleased to meet you.” Mike held a guitar and refrained from shaking her hand. She’d not expected him to. To some people a housekeeper was not worth shaking hands with. She didn’t know what category Mike fell in, but she wasn’t someone who was very sensitive to things like that.

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Please Stay 04

“Ella, you’re still here.” She looked at the clock. It was nearly time to leave. She wasn’t very strict about that though. His gaze was a lot friendlier than it had been earlier.

“Can I get you a cup of coffee, sir?” She offered. He stood in the doorway, not sure what to do with himself.

“Yes, please. Have one with me?” She felt the emotion behind the question. It would get rather lonely, she guessed, on days when he was all alone in his studio and no one stopped by.

“Did you sort it out?” She asked while she turned on the coffee machine.


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Please Stay 05

That morning Daniel was already having breakfast when she came in. From her private stash in the utility room she made some coffee. Daniel’s machine used expensive cups and she would not let him pay for her addiction.

“You’re up early.” She’d said.

“Yeah, having some people over in the studio.”

“Need me to make lunch?”

“Could you? There’ll be about four of us.”

“Cool. Gazpacho?” She knew he liked soup with his lunch. And the warm weather was perfect for a cold one.

“Excellent.” He hesitated. She noticed it.

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Please Stay 06

Thunder rumbled nearby and rain lashed the windows when Daniel woke up. It was about a week after Alex’ visit. There had not been a gig the night before. He had a blissful few days off. Last night he had been in bed quite early for his doing. Before midnight even. He checked the clock. It was nearly ten. Crap, Ella had to have cycled through this dreadful weather. Or would she have taken a taxi for once? He had no clue where she lived and how long the bike ride was. More lightning and thunder. He really should get out of bed and check upon her. He might be her boss but above all he was a decent and caring human being.

In his slacks and a randomly picked T-shirt he walked down. Still on bare feet, unshaven and hair in disarray. Something felt off and he wanted to be sure everything was in order.

It wasn’t.

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Please Stay 07

They worked in a comfortable rhythm together. Daniel’s unpredictable schedule was something Ella could very well handle. Sometimes he invited her along, if he did gigs with friends. She never went.

Rose did manage to drag her out of the house every now and again, when a band was playing in a nearby bar. Ella did not make the mistake of being the designated driver again.

For Ella life couldn’t get any better. She was even at the point that she started to look at apartments.

Her boss loved the peace and quiet at home as much as she did. No matter who he brought over and on how short notice he threw things at her, she always delivered. He had made a sport of surprising her, to keep things interesting for her. And for himself.

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Please Stay 08

His mother’s suggestion had put a whole lot of options in Daniel’s head. She had been way out of line. And he didn’t need her help to get women to sleep with him. Meanwhile he did imagine Ella in his bedroom. And she wasn’t making his bed! He should stop this. She’d told him what would happen if he crossed the line. To get the image out of his head he did what he was used to doing. Go to his studio and write songs.

With fall came the inevitable need for Daniel to tour again. Not with his own band though. They’d be in the studio within a month after he came back. It was a pretty tight schedule, but he liked it that way.

Ella knew what was coming and wondered what he would do with her in the mean time.

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