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How nice of you to drop in. Welcome to the place where I post my stories.
There are quite a few now.
Four 'normal' romance novellas, Shadows, Gone, Games and Back-kicks and strings. (one more if you're an LJ friend) A Torchwood fanfic (not my usual genre), a more historic themed romance novel Annabelle. And the short-short A Night To Forget
In between the stories are some other things that I just felt compelled to share.

Update: At the moment I'm posting my 12 Stories For Christmas. 1 story everyday as part of a big one. Written out of order, one piece each month. Enjoyed doing that immensely. The style does have its limitations. But I very much enjoyed the challenge. Hope you like it too. Started posting Friday 13th and the last one will be up at Christmas Eve. Let me know what you think about it.

A little bit about me

I'm a 39yr old night-nurse. I love my job. Because I only work every other week, I've a lot of time on my hands. I usually spend that writing, singing, playing bass guitar and sometimes painting.
I'm from the Netherlands, where I live with my partner, two cats, Miep and Wilson, and a bird named Mick.

I've been writing since I can't remember. Never felt the need to share it until only a few years ago. After publishing three stories in Dutch on my own site, I got involved in Twitter and other social media.
The friends I made there convinced me to start writing in English. So that's what I've been doing since. And I've been more productive than ever.
I love sharing these stories with you, and I hope there will be many many more.
If you've read one (or more) of them, feel free to comment.

Thanks for coming by. Hope to see you again soon.
Love Linnie

ps Feel free to look me up on Twitter, @TanteWillemijn.

The Perfect Date

“We should get going, or we’ll be late for dinner.” She rushed him.


“Yes. I promised you a date, didn’t I?”

“You did. How fancy do I need to be?”

“Whatever you’re comfortable in.”

She was wearing a light summer’s dress with a cardigan. The nights were getting a bit chilly. He wore his jeans and a black T-shirt. One of his favourites. “Is this ok?” He was a bit insecure.

“Fine.” She kissed him. This is how she preferred seeing him. All himself. She’d never seen him in a suit. However doubted if it would do him justice.

They made their way to the hall. “Ma’am, sir, if you’d follow me.” They were lead through the corridors. Lynn felt Daniel tense up. For the Michelin registered restaurant he was severely underdressed. They turned before they got there. Walking through a somewhat smaller corridor, ending in an elevator.

“This is the private part of the castle. The owner made an exception for the two of you.” The man who lead them explained.

On the top floor they got out again, and after a narrow set of stairs ended up on top of one of the towers.

Daniel couldn’t help but smile widely at seeing it all. Flowers, a beautifully laid dinner table. Candlelight. Soft music playing. Mozart, he recognized it. A passion of both of them.

Her dress, her entire appearance fit in so well. The flowers on the dress matched that of the setting. Her hair, longer than he’d ever seen it, perfectly framed her face. Her beautiful face.

He stepped forward and held out her chair. She sat down, he followed. “The lady has requested that the chef make the menu and choice of wines. I trust you will not be disappointed.”

“I’m sure we will not be.” Daniel was still speechless. He stared at Lynn. “Well, I owed you a date. And since you had already thrown the best musical ones, I’d had to think of something original.”

The waiter poured the wine. “First course will be served in twenty minutes.” He handed Daniel a tablet. “For your music choice sir. We did leave room to dance.” After that he disappeared through the door they had come through.

“May I ask you to dance?”

“Yes, you may. I have to warn you though, this was not part of my plan.” Her warmth touched him deeply. “I’m not that good a dancer. And this body, it’s a new one, I don’t quite know how to handle it yet.”

“I’m sure we’ll be fine.” He got up, took her hand. “If you’ll let me lead.”

“I hadn’t taken you for a dancer.”

“I had a proper English upbringing. Of course I dance. Besides, my first girlfriend was a ball room dancer.”

Lynn threw her head back in a laugh. Daniel had to keep himself from kissing her exposed neck. She was so sexy.

“How can I ever compete with all those incredibly beautiful women?”

“You can’t. Because they can never come anywhere near you. You’re the most beautiful and most real of them all. I think I’ll keep you.” Before she could answer, he pulled her into a turn. She followed flawless. She loved how her body responded to his.


So here it is. My #AskLinnie blog post thingy in honour of getting to 555 followers on Twitter. Not that many questions, but I’m more than ok with that. There are a few non-bookish questions and a few book-and-writing ones.

Hope you’ll find the answers as nice as surprising. It felt good to be able to say things in more than 140 characters for once. Maybe I should do this more often. Or maybe not.

Niko Staten @nikostar

Star Trek or Star Wars? (This is a very important question, take your time.)

Ehm… I think I’m going to have to turn in my geek-card over this one. I’m not a big fan of either one. I really don’t watch TV all that much. If you would twist my arm, I’d probably say Star Trek. I like the more human story lines in that. There have been times when it appeared to be all there was on the telly. So I did catch quite a few episodes of it. I never actually sat down to watch a Star Wars movie, but Husband has watched some (all?) of them in my presence, so have seen a parts those. Couldn’t really get into it.

I’m not into big bombast movies that value special effects over the human interaction and growth arcs. There you have it. Geek ungeeked.

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CNA In Distress (non-fiction blogpost)

This week work is making me do a two-day training. Fire training. I have refused, I have pleaded, I’ve tried my invisibility cloak. There’s no getting around it any longer.

There are a few obvious reasons I’m dreading this. I’m scared to death of fire. I’m physically unfit for the job. I tend to turn off when there are too many things needing my attention at the same time.

And some less obvious reasons I’m not liking this: It’s a training. Two days. In a classroom. With others.

My past scholastic career has given me every reason to dread this. Elementary school: Bullied. High School: Flunked. Nurse’s Training: Flunked.

I just don’t do the daytime-group-thing very well. I tend to get bored and cause mayhem. Or the energy of a group of people in an enclosed space is going to overwhelm me. I get exhausted and shut down. Yup, textbook gifted and over-excitable underachiever. Nothing new so far.

Why go through with it? Because work’s making me. Otherwise I’ll have to stop working nights. And I’m very comfortable working nights.

And what made me write this.

The training will be given in another nursing home. As it happens to be, it’s the very same nursing home I started working at twenty years ago, scrubbing toilets and mopping floors. By that time I had the vague notion I wanted to do something with my life in the direction of ‘care’. While mopping those wards and helping a nursing co-worker out here and there I found my “calling”. This was what I wanted. Taking care of people who could not take care of themselves.

I’d nearly finished my trainee-ship somewhere else when I dropped out. Not because it was too hard, but the responsibility was too much for me. I am much happier and more useful as a CNA.

Twenty years after mopping nursing home floors, fifteen years after dropping out of nursing school, many things have changed. I have learned a lot. About the world and about me. About why I never seem to fit in. One thing didn’t change. I’m still that person that wants to help out where needed.

Friends who’ve been out with me can attest to that. I can’t help it. It’s so deeply imbedded in me, even on the bus or in a shop. If someone needs a hand, I’ll lend it.

What does this have to do with that training? If I need to do that training to keep doing this work, I’ll do it. Sorry sod that needs my help when it comes down to that, but I’ll do it. I’ll hate it. But I’ll do it.

It’s Monday evening now. Tomorrow I’ve got a doctor’s appointment. She’s going to cut into my leg. Still something I dread less than going to class Wednesday and Thursday. I’m sure I’ll live though. On both occasions.

12 Stories For Christmas
Here they are. My 12 Stories For Christmas.

I really enjoyed writing these. The style certainly has its limitations and I'm not sure I'd do something like this again. Still, I like how they turned out very much. Hope you like it too. Feel free to tell me in the comment section(s)
By clicking previous you get to the next month. I reversed the posts so it starts with January.

Love Linnie

A reminder what it was all about and how it started....copied post from January.
Those of you who are friends with me on Twitter and/or Facebook will have seen me mention my 12 Stories For Christmas (#12SFC) project. (To be honest, I'll have slapped you with it numerous times. And more times yet to come)
Because both media are not really suitable for an explanation of the concept, I decided to make a post about it here.

So. 12 Stories For Christmas, this is what it's about.
For this year I've set myself a challenge. Writing a part of a story each month. Those 12 together will end up being one big story, but each of them should read as a seperate one as well. A novel totally written and published out of order, presenting life defining parts of each of the main characters.
My goal is 1500 to 2000 words for each part. I'll probably go over or under at some. But that's ok. Because it's my story. :)

I have never done anything like this before. It requires more planning and looking ahead than I'm used to.
As my usual style is more: Let's just start with this scene and see where it takes me. Sometimes with a vague idea of how the story goes, but more often than not no clue at all.

Apart from explaining this to all of you, this is also my way of committing to it. Challenging myself to not rush it, but really write one story a month, so they are really separate ones. And kicking my own ass to really deliver and not let go of it in, let's say, March.

As I'm writing this I've just done the final writing and editing on the January part. I like how it turned out very much. And I can't wait to share it with you all. First instalment will be up the 13th of December. After that 1 each day right until the last one on Christmas Eve. (hence the project name 12 stories for Christmas)

Finishing up on some other projects as well, so I hope to have new reading material for you all shortly.

Much Love and Best Wishes for 2013.


The cracks, when had he first noticed the cracks?

After a sad sigh Tim put the pen to the paper and signed. He pushed the papers away over the table. Without saying a word he got up and got his keychain from his pocket.

Looking at the people at the other side of the table he took the house key off the chain and threw it so it landed exactly on the papers he’d just signed.

Candice sat there watching him coldly. In her expensive, designer suit, flanked by her expensive lawyers.

“We could have made this work, Candice.” Tim said. “We could have fixed this.” Then he turned and walked out of the room, down the stairs and onto the street.

The cold wind was tugging at him, snow was landing in his hair and on his shoulders. He didn’t feel it. He felt comfortably numb, again asking himself the question. When had things started to fall apart for Candice and him?

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“You’ll do fine.” Her mother’s reassuring words rang in Anne’s ears. “You’ll be wonderful.”

She had hugged her mom. It didn’t help much though. Anne was beside the stage ready to go on with the band. She had been playing in bands for ages. This was her first real paid gig.

She took a few seconds to make sure her guitar was tuned. The drummer and bass player started. Anne and the keyboard player followed.

Last up was Joe, the singer of the band.

Anne was smiling widely all through the first song. Through the whole gig for that matter. The band had a ball.

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“Norah, it’s me, Tim.” The answering machine made his voice ring through the room. “I really had a great time the other day. And I was… ehm… wondering if I could invite you to dinner? Just let me know. I’ll be in town a while I think.”

Anne laughed. “Mom, he’s asking you on a date.”

Norah was mortified that her daughter had heard that. It was her own fault. She always forgot to listen to the answering machine when she got home. Most people called her cell phone.

“It’s not a date.” Norah answered.

“Mom, it’s ok to have a date, you know. Lord knows you can do with a little…”

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Jim made his way downstairs. It was just past 3 a.m. He wasn’t sure what had woken him up. Then again he never was.

When he turned to the kitchen he saw the light was on.

Carefully he opened the door to find his daughter sitting in the dimly lit room. Having a cup of coffee.

“What are you doing up?” He saw she was fully dressed. Her backpack, clearly fully packed, stood by the back door.

“Norah, what’s going on?”

The eighteen year old got up and poured her father a cup of coffee.

“I’m leaving.” She said when she sat back down opposite of him.

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Anne leaned forward to her mother who was in the driver’s seat.

“So cool your boss let you have the limo tonight.” Norah smiled. She made another stop and more of Anne’s friends poured in. Norah sneaked a peak to the backseat. The girl’s dresses were lovely. As was Anne’s. They had chosen it with great care. Anne sat next to Joe. Her fellow band member and if Norah wasn’t mistaking a lot more than that.

After a few minutes she halted in front of the hotel where the senior prom was to be held. Before getting out she turned to the kids in the back seat.

“I know your parents are probably going to kill me over this. But I’m going to say it anyway.

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