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A little bit about me

I'm a 41yr old nurse. Besides my job I spend my time writing, singing, playing bass guitar and sometimes painting.
I'm from the Netherlands, where I live with my partner, two cats, Miep and Wilson, and a bird named Mick.

I've been writing since I can't remember. Never felt the need to share it until only a few years ago. After publishing three stories in Dutch on my own site, I got involved in Twitter and other social media.
The friends I made there convinced me to start writing in English. So that's what I've been doing since. And I've been more productive than ever.
I love sharing these stories with you, and I hope there will be many many more. In general I write contemporary romance. Other projects are accompanied by an explanation.
If you've read one (or more) of them, feel free to comment.

Thanks for coming by. Hope to see you again soon.
Love Linnie

Christmas Escape
For most people Christmas is a time for family, for celebrations. Not for Gaya. More than anything it's her time away from everyone. And away from responsibilities. She escapes cold and snowy New York and settles in for two weeks in the Florida Keys.
Eric would love to spend Christmas with his nine year old daughter, Paige. But he has found a good job in a beautiful resort in the Florida Keys, and has to work. No work would mean no roof over their heads, or food on the table. And maybe even worse, no presents.

This is a short story for my doing. It's split in three parts. Only some light editing happened, so there'll probably be some typos and things. Hope you enjoy it nevertheless.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Christmas Escape 1

“Eric.” The manager called out from his office behind the counter. The receptionist turned towards the door. “Yes?”

“What time will the Dragon Lady be arriving?”

Eric chuckled for a moment. He’d heard about the guest they were expecting and had thought of an elderly lady with hair on her teeth.

From the corner of his eye he did see a woman walk into the lobby.

“Dragon lady? Time?” The manager asked.

A clear voice rang through the hall. “Six pm sharp. Same time I always arrive.” She had a carrying voice. Eric turned towards the counter where she stopped.

“Ma’am…” He was flustered.

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Christmas Escape 2

Wednesday she braved the restaurant for lunch. Ignoring all Christmas decorations she managed to sit at a table in the corner. It wasn’t very crowded. Clearly most people did choose to spend the holidays at home rather than out here. Who could blame them? Maybe Gaya would have too, if she had any family.

To her surprise Paige came running out to her. “Mrs. Mason!” She yelled through the restaurant. Gaya wasn’t sure if she was annoyed or endeared.

“Paige. Don’t yell. Sit down.” She ordered.

The girl panted a bit, clearly having run out here, from wherever she had been hiding out that day. She had a small bag with her. The first time they’d met, it had carried her book. From the bag she took something.

“I wanted to give you this, Mrs. Mason.”

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Christmas Escape 3

“Gaya hasn’t celebrated Christmas in a while, Paige. I think we need to help her remember.”

Paige handed Gaya a package. It was a small cube.

“Guys, I can’t accept this, I didn’t…”

“Please. Paige really wanted you to have this.”

“But…” They hadn’t agreed on her coming over until last night.

“She bought it for you after that lunch the two of you had.” Eric said.

With trembling hands she opened the box. It was so beautifully wrapped that she wanted to savour it. She’d had gifts over the years. One more meaningless than the other. This meant something.

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What am I working on this NaNoWriMo?
An erotic romantic novel by the name of Monday.

As presented on the NaNoWriMo site:


Genre: Romance


It would only be one night. Donna had stated that very clearly. One wonderful, fun, and hot night. After that they were never to see each other again. Kyle had agreed.

And still, when they ran into each other weeks later, there was that same feeling. Refusing to go into any form of committed relationship they decide to meet once a week. Because however different they are, there's one way their minds, or bodies, are perfectly aligned. Once a week. Every Monday.


Was it her or was it him feeling this? Did it matter?
His arm was tight around her waist and his other held her wrist. His thumb massaged the inside of it. He’d bent down so they were nose to nose. Her knees went weak when she saw the stern look on his face.
“Doesn’t it?”
Playtime was over, she realized. This was for real. The margin for error was quickly disappearing.
He waited, watched. She closed her eyes for a second and swallowed.
“Doesn’t it?” He repeated the question, making sure she knew what she was getting herself into.
When she opened her eyes again, she saw the tenderness in his eyes. His need to please her was as big as his own desire. His strong arms, that made it impossible to move away from him, also made her feel very safe. For the very first time in her life, she gave in to that dark side of herself. She nodded.
“I need to hear you say it.” He ordered.


In her bright pink skirt suit, Tia sat on the edge of her desk and overlooked the room. All the desks in their neat formation, with their photo frames, personal items, office plants and monitors looked a bit like lifeless monsters in their own shadows. She loved it when, on Monday mornings, it all came back to life again.

Loudly she clapped her hands and the lights sprung on, only moments before the first employees would walk in.

Tia smiled. She loved this moment. The offices filling up with people and the smell off coffee, after the quiet weekend.

Although this weekend had been everything but dull and dark.

Something evil glided over Tia’s face. Hey, she wasn’t a saint. She’d never claimed to be, no matter what other people sometimes said about her.

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Daily 100 week 7 and 8, the last batch

Monday 14th

Meredith ran through the grass on her bare feet. It tickled her sensitive skin and that made her laugh out loud. Her dark brown hair waved after her. She stumbled, fell flat on her face. She scrambled up, straightened her pretty red dress. It was her favourite.

She ran all the way to the border of the lawn. It was a miracle. Normally poppies wouldn’t grow in captivity, but in the back of Meredith’s garden there were hundreds, thousands of them.

The little girl sat down in front of them. “Story?” She begged them.

The poppies seemed to cheer her. And the one, a bit in the middle of the strip, it was orange more than red, bowed her head. “Let me tell you the story of the Poppy Princess.” She said, in a grave voice.

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Daily 100 week 5 and 6

Tuesday 1st

She kept her eyes closed just a little longer. A few minutes, she decided. She didn’t want to open them and see she was in her own bed. Her own room, in the shabby apartment she shared with two others. She did listen though. No way to drown out the sound. The normal sounds weren’t there. The girls, they were after all both at least fifteen years younger, were pretty noisy in general. Not a sound today. No music, no chatter.

Slowly it dawned on Julie. She’d not fallen asleep in her own bed that night.

“Morning, Love? Coffee?” Broke her musings.

Her eyes flew open. Beside the bed was the most handsome man she’d ever seen. In his hands two large coffee cups. Other than that, fully naked.

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Daily 100 week 4

Monday 24th

Mechanically she dusted the room. The window sills, the lamps, the dresser. She halted and looked at the wooden box on the dresser. She had dusted over it every week for ages, without giving it any thought. Not today. She remembered her father giving it to her. “It contains something very special.” He’d said. Was that really fifteen years ago? Only weeks before he’d passed. She’d never opened it, of course. As long as she didn’t know, it would remain special. Maybe now was a good a moment as any though. Her fingers unsnapped the lock and took hold of the lid.

The ringing of the phone startled her. Quickly she locked the box again. What had she been thinking?

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